Welcome to Mandala Star Wholesale

Thank you for your interest in Mandala Star’s wholesale program. Our unique spinning stars are perfect for retailers, event organizers, and distributors looking to add a touch of magic and motion to their offerings.



Mandala Sports is a company that manufactures sports and outdoor products. Our vision is to promote social interaction, creativity and connection to nature. We believe in innovation, cooperation and good vibes.

Our concept is high quality products at affordable prices for all ages.
The first product to be released by us is the “Mandala Star“.

”While travelling in India, I was enchanted by this amazing game, which led me to share it with the world”.
Our version is based on unique and inspiring designs.

The meaning of “Mandala” is a circle. In some cultures it symbolizes connectedness and the development of the human soul in the universe.  
For us this is a way of life along with social activities and outdoor sports.

In the modern world of media we encourage people to enjoy each other and nature, without smartphones and keyboards.